Tibial Stress Syndrome

A.K.A. Shin Splints

Oct 12, 2011
Outside Magazine
First aid kit

First aid kit    Photo: Mark Wiens / Masterfile

What It Is: Tenderness and pain along the shins, usually from running shock. Untreated, shin splints can lead to stress fractures.
Old medicine: Stop running; take an anti-­inflammatory like ibuprofen.
New Thinking:
“Cutting training curtails adaptation,” Cucuzzella says, which means you’ll be weaker when you start up again, and the pain will return.
Latest Cure:
Retrain your gait. “Runners tend to get shin splints because of heel striking,” he says. A professional trainer can help you develop a softer gait, but even switching to a level shoe and shortening your stride may help.