Iliotibial-Band Friction Syndrome

Oct 12, 2011
Outside Magazine
First aid kit

First aid kit    Photo: Mark Wiens / Masterfile

What It Is: Pain or stinging on the ­outside of the knee, at the hip, or anywhere along the outside of the thigh, caused by the IT band rubbing over the bony ­protrusion on the outside of the ­femur.
Old Medicine: Stretch; use a foam roller to massage and relieve pressure points.
New Thinking: The root cause is poor alignment, which stems from weak hips and weak feet. “I don’t prescribe stretching and rolling,” says Cucuzzella. “I’ve seen people rip their IT bands off the fibular head with overaggressive stretching.” ­
Latest Cure: ­Single-leg squats and one-leg step-ups will strengthen your gluteus medius to help you regain hip stability and alignment.