Oct 12, 2011
Outside Magazine
Cycling exercises

Exercises for cyclists    Photo: Michael Hanson

Preventing: Knee pain
How: Seated single-leg squats strengthen quads and help keep kneecaps tracking properly.
Do It:
Begin seated in a chair, your right knee bent, your left leg straight and off the ground, and your arms stretched in front of you. Keeping your back straight, stand up on your right leg and slowly sit back down. To make it harder, hold your arms above your head. Three sets of six reps per leg.
Preventing: Back stiffness
How: Standing medicine-ball rotations ease the soreness by strengthening the core abdominal and back muscles.
Do It:
Stand with your feet a bit more than shoulder width apart, with a medicine ball outstretched at belly-button height. Swing the ball right and then left in a broad arc, shifting your weight from foot to foot as you rotate. Three sets of ten reps.