Oct 12, 2011
Outside Magazine
Exercises for runners

Exercises for runners    Photo: Michael Hanson

Preventing: Shin splints
How: High box step-ups strengthen your glutes for better shock absorption.
Do It:
Start with your right leg on a box tall enough to set your knee at a right angle. With your hands on your hips, straighten your right leg to stand, then return to the starting position, touching your left toe to the ground. Three to five sets of ten reps on each leg.

Preventing: Patellar tendi­n­i­tis (inflammation in the knee)
How: Low box step-ups build quad strength and help with balance and coordination.
Do It
: Facing a 12-inch box or step, start with your right foot on the box, your left foot on the floor, and your hands on your hips. With a hopping motion from the ball of your left foot, thrust upward and switch feet (left foot up, right foot to the ground). Focus on extending your hip with the top of your leg. Three sets of ten reps, one step-up per second.