Icebreaker Sprint Legging

The world's most versatile running pants? Could be.

Oct 10, 2011
Outside Magazine
Icebreaker Sprint Legging

Icebreaker Sprint Legging    Photo: Courtesy Icebreaker

These are the best running pants I’ve ever owned. They’re equally comfortable on days when temperatures drop below zero and on days when it's sunny and the thermometer hits the mid 40s. In drenching rain in the high-30s, I've stayed warm and dry, and the tights haven’t drooped or clung.

The word “leggings” is more accurate than tights: they have a bit of give throughout, the sort of fit that niche running brand SportHill perfected long ago. And they cooperate with my range of movement, from slow recovery runs to long tempo sessions and 12-second hill sprints. I only wish Icebreaker would correct their odd omission of any pocket, even one big enough for a key. Icebreaker calls the women's version the Pace Legging.

Price: $100

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