JONESwares Interval Running Sleeves

Arm warmers designed for the skinny-bicep set

Joneswears Interval Running Sleeves

Joneswears Interval Running Sleeves    Photo: Courtesy Joneswears

Yes, I can hear you guffawing. I was initially skeptical about arm warmers on a guy, but I've to come to love them. Let me explain: I usually run in just one shirt until temps drop below, say, 15 degrees. Wearing two layers on top feels bulky and eventually leaves me overheated. But my arms and hands tend to remain cold no matter what—which is one reason why I’ve never understood running in a vest. Solution? Arm warmers.

Of the several I’ve tried, these no-frill sleeves are the best. JONESwares is a small company founded by runners and cyclists, and they've made their arm warmers with skinny endurance athletes in mind. They're snug but not tourniquet-tight, and you won't need to spend the run tugging them back up your biceps, as I do when I run in my Ibex arm warmers.

Plus, after I finish my run I can hand them off to my wife as she heads out for her bike ride.

Price: $20

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