Surfing El Salvador

Explore the Libertad coast's Pacific breaks

Oct 18, 2011
Outside Magazine
Casa de Mar

Casa de Mar    Photo: Courtesy Casa de Mar


Weeklong trips from $2,640 for two (lodging included); HOW TO GET THERE: ­American and Taca offer nonstop flights to San Salvador from major U.S. hubs. WHEN TO GO: November to May. ALSO CHECK OUT: ­Wakesurfing in the mangrove-lined ­tributaries of Estero de Jaltepeque. Ask ­Cadejo’s owner, Roy Beers, to take you. SAFETY UPDATES: Read the State Department’s current travel ­advice at

Uncrowded breaks

Uncrowded breaks

THE CIVIL WAR is long past, but ongoing gang violence—though it rarely affects travel­ers—means robberies can happen. Which is why you’ll see armed guards at the supermarket and why we recommend going with a guide. But don’t wimp out, because this tiny country is packed with empty surf, 7,000-foot active volcanoes, and killer pupusas—fresh corn tortillas filled with refried beans and cheese. Plan a multisport trip with the locals at Cadejo Adventures. Start 30 minutes south of San Salvador on the La Libertad coast, where uncrowded ­Pacific breaks range from mellow El Sunzal to perilous Punta Roca, a legendarily long and bone-crushing right. Luxury can be had for less at Casa de Mar, a series of hillside cottages overlooking El Sunzal. After a few days of ­guided wave hunting, head inland to El Imposible National Park for two days of hiking and canyon­eering through epic gorges, with rare emerald ­toucans and aardvarks for company.