22. Jenn Dice

Government affairs director at the International Mountain Bicycling Association

Jenn Dice

Jenn Dice    Photo: Joe Ciardiello

Opens America’s trails

If you ride your bike pretty much anywhere but on a road, you owe Jenn Dice a beer. Over the past ten years, Dice, 39, has trained hundreds of local advocates to lobby for access on thousands of miles of mountain-biking trails around the country. In short, without Dice, the roughly four million mountain bikes sold in America last year would be limited to fire roads and torn-up motorcycle trails. Next up: in the coming year, Dice and IMBA are opening some 40 dirt pump tracks—small skills courses—in U.S. cities.

By the Numbers 44: national parks where Dice has successfully negotiated bike access

Second Opinion “Everyone who rides a mountain bike has someone championing and protecting their sport in Washington, D.C.,” says six-time Leadville Trail 100 champion Dave Wiens. “And that’s Jenn.”

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