23. Steve Astephen

Principal of action sports at Wasserman Media Group

Oct 5, 2011
Outside Magazine
Steve Astephen

Steve Astephen    Photo: Joe Ciardiello

Rules The negotiating table

After working for a snowboard manufacturer for a few years, Steve Astephen, now 40, morphed into the first bona fide agent for action sports when the genre blew up in the late 1990s. His roots provided him with an edge over suits at established agencies. Today he oversees action sports at the Carlsbad, California–based Wasserman Media Group, representing the likes of Travis Pastrana, Travis Rice, Torah Bright, Dave Mirra, Ryan Sheckler, Dane Reynolds, and Bruce Irons. If there’s a Scott Boras of the action-sports world, it’s Astephen.

By the Numbers $200 million: approximate revenue for Astephen clients since 1998;
13: medals won by his clients at the 2011 X Games

Second Opinion “Everybody jokes about Steve being the pit bull,” says freestyle motocross icon Carey Hart, one of Astephen’s first clients. “And he is.”

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