Editors' Choice: 45-40

Feb 14, 2010
Outside Magazine
Biking in Amsterdam




James Brown, In the Jungle Groove

In the Jungle Groove

45. A Strange New City
as seen from a bicycle.

44. Huckleberry Bearclaws
at Polebridge Mercantile, in Montana, after backpacking in Glacier National Park. Civilization never tasted so good.

43. P.B.R.
We don't care that it's no longer based in Milwaukee (HQ is now outside of Chicago). And we don't care that hipsters order it by the truckload to supply their kickball leagues. When we need to fill the cooler for a river trip, we look for the can that proudly trumpets a blue ribbon from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. (And you thought Cubs fans had it bad.)

42. Catching a Native Trout
Browns are European; the hatchery rainbows that flop for beat-up flies from New Mexico to Iowa originally came from California's McCloud River. (And thanks to the forces of piscatory globalization, of course, you can also catch introduced rainbows everywhere from Japan to Kyrgyzstan to New Zealand.) But pull a plump, 14-inch west-slope cutthroat out of a sidewalk-wide stream in Montana, a grayling from a high lake in British Columbia, or a brookie from an icy rivulet in interior Maine? You believe you're raising something from a better realm, and when it hits your hand, its spots and colors don't make you acknowledge that you're fooling yourself. Sound fun? See anglerslifelist.com, a compendium of native fish—and some good hints on their whereabouts.

41. Empty Trailheads

40. James Brown's
In the Jungle Groove. Our favorite running album. Track most likely to light a fire under your ass: "I Got to Move."