Editors' Choice: 14-10

Feb 14, 2010
Outside Magazine
Sorel Caribou Boots

Sorel Caribou Boots

14. Any Book Written By
Peter Matthiessen. Killing Mister Watson is a good place to start.

13. Dawn Patrol
It doesn't really matter what you're doing—skiing, surfing, cycling, hunting, running. It's the fact that you're up with the sun, doing something long before work. And the smug feeling is so justifiable.

12. Southwest Airlines
The on-time arrivals, free baggage, Wheat Thins, democratic seating process (and absence of Premier Gold Super Executive Extra-Special All-Star members). We love it so much we'll even excuse the flight attendants' painful attempts at intercom comedy.

11. That Feeling of Lightness
after taking off a heavy pack and walking around camp.

10. Sorel's Caribou Boots
Blizzard-proof as ever. $120; sorel.com