Editors' Choice: 4-1

Feb 14, 2010
Outside Magazine
Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY

Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York   

Chris Malloy

Chris Malloy

4. Film Cameras
Which instantly take you back to a time when each snap mattered, when you were more thoughtful, more deliberate, more discriminating—the way a good photographer should be.

3. Walk/Bike-In Theaters
Because sitting on a blanket among hundreds of other people sitting on blankets turns every movie into a big slumber party, whether you're in midtown Manhattan (Bryant Park Summer Film Festival), downtown Boulder (Boulder Outdoor Cinema), or Marin County, California (Film Night in the Park). And unlike at a drive-in, nobody leaves early to beat the traffic.

2. Growing a Winter Beard
We're especially in favour of unruly ones, like filmmaker Chris Malloy's.

1. Beginner Surf Spots
Like Faria Beach and Sunset, in Southern California. The breaks are long and gentle, and "party waves," where everyone goes at once, are acceptable. Because if you eventually want to catch a wave like this one, at California's Shell Beach, you gotta start somewhere.