The Outside Guide to Fixing the World

Wallace J. Nichols (Photo: Neil Ever Osborne)
Wallace J. Nichols

Step one? Break the problem down into small, easy-to-tackle components. After exhaustive research and intense vetting, we’ve rounded up 31 philanthropic -organizations and innovators—like the guy above, Wallace J. Nichols—that have identified the planet’s most pressing needs and hatched the smartest new ideas to deal with them. Step two? That’s where you come in. Just scan our list of finalists, give your money or your time (or both), and you can take on anything—from ocean restoration and disaster relief to microloans and smart technologies that protect wildlife, clean up the atmosphere, and jump-start poverty-ravaged economies.

The Touchy-Feely (But Totally Scientific!) Methods of Wallace J. Nichols
The sea turtle biologist thinks the key to saving the oceans could lie in our own brains—and he wants neuroscientists to help him unlock it.

The Year of Giving Adventurously
So you're ready to act on those good intentions? Start with one of these 30 pre-vetted charities

Source to See
Meet Outside's 2012 Readers of the Year. These two SoCal surfers are working to explore and protect our nation's waterways.

Why Can't We?!
Divert floodwater to drought regions? Take sunscreen in a pill? Our experts explain.

You Need a Braincation
Studies show that being in nature is good for our mental health. Here are five good reasons to go wild.

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From Outside Magazine, Dec 2011
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Lead Photo: Neil Ever Osborne
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