The Man and the Mammoth

Public Ritual, Sherpas Cinema, 6 Minutes

Nov 23, 2011
Outside Magazine

We had to recognize the wizards at Public Ritual, who must really like to shred. There’s no other explanation for the late-night, RedBull-fueled creative sessions it must’ve required to animate this Claymation skiing short. The six minute film took three months to make. One 8-second shot, in which a hermit on skis jibs over the Granville Street Bridge in Vancouver, took 11 hours. Animator Callum Paterson says many fingers were burned conjuring rail sparks with a sparkler in gail-force winds.

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME: This behind-the-scenes look gives an indication of how difficult it is to make claymation ski porn.





Ever wonder where your water comes from? So did photojournalist Peter McBride. The only difference between you and him is that he decided to make a film while looking for an answer. Over a two-year period, he paddled, flew, and walked the 1500-mile length of the Colorado River to track its path from source to the sea. With stunning cinematography, he captures a “symphony of human thirst.” The Colorado River turns into a dried up delta before it reaches the Gulf of California. The harrowing message: “For 6 million years, the Colorado ran to the sea. Since ’98, it has not.” 
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