Clear H2O Films, 42 Minutes

Nov 23, 2011
Outside Magazine

In 2010, legendary South African explorer Hendri Coetzee adventured into the heart of the Congo with American kayakers Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic. The expedition film they set out to make derailed, tragically, when Coetzee was taken by a crocodile on the Lukuga River. The film Stookesberry produced after his friend’s death is an unadorned homage to a great explorer and a lost companion. Eerie but honest, it seems Coetzee is allowed to reflect on his death in his own words: "Some of the things that we're about to witness are so intense and horrible that they should stop the show. But they don't. People still laugh and dance. Yes the bad things happen, but so do the good things—amazing things, and the show goes on."

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