Sweetgrass Productions, 45 Minutes

Nov 23, 2011
Outside Magazine

Call up your buddy with the big screen, or rent out the main street movie theater for a night, and order a presale copy of Solitaire. This ski flick from Zac Ramras and Nick Waggoner deserves a high-resolution treatment—and really shouldn’t be called a “ski flick.” It’s more of a skiing magnum opus. Shot on a shoestring budget, it took the filmmakers and a 31-person crew of fearless backcountry skiers and snowboarders two years of trekking from Peru’s Cordillera Blanca to Chile’s Patagonia to collect all the footage. In an insane display of authenticity, Sweetgrass Productions used no mechanized transport: they tramped unsupported to every location, waited out the weather in tents, used paragliders to film from the sky, and traversed glaciers in order to access remote ranges. Are you getting the film’s vibe yet? This oughta help. The only human voice in the film is a Spanish-speaking Joseph Conrad, intoning passages from Heart of Darkness

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