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Snarky commentary with a dash of original reporting


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Good for: Rabble-rousing political coverage; snarky commentary with a dash of original reporting.

Written by: A mix of journalists and advocates.

Grist has a strong Viva la Revolution vibe—Tim DeChristopher writes for the site from his prison cell—but food, agriculture, and cities reporting balances out the sometimes-over-the-top political coverage. It's a good stop for quick videos and thought-provoking infographics—like this U.S. map showing the ubiquity of McDonalds. And it offers cross-posts from GOOD and Climate Progress, which illuminate the links between climate science, energy exploration, and policy decisions.

Downer: Since losing journalist Tom Philpott to Mother Jones, its food and agriculture reporting has suffered.

Sample post: This letter from Tim DeChristopher basically says the climate awareness movement is as spineless as Obama Administration.

It goes without saying that politics is a dirty system. It's so dirty that I believe there are only three reasonable approaches to politics: apathy/despair, overthrowing the system, or playing dirty to win. I'll assume that the apathetics either aren't reading this or will soon stop reading to go watch cat videos on YouTube. The second option, revolution, is growing more plausible, and the climate movement should fully support those efforts. The occupations of Wall Street and D.C. have found a weak spot in the wall of corporate power that keeps people out of the halls of influence. Everyone needs to push that spot until we break through the wall and have a new constitutional convention to establish a democracy in this country.

But this is actually about the third option, playing dirty, and it's intended for those of you who intend to vote next year...

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