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Good for: A one-stop-shop for all things green; quick news bites covering everything from transportation to DIY projects.

Written by: Lloyd Alter in Toronto, Jaymie Heimbuch in San Francisco, and Matthew McDermott in NYC are the site’s most prolific contributors.

Treehugger is a behemoth. It cranks out posts at a relentless rate and you can easily find yourself lost in its pages. That can be good or bad, but a new site design helps parse out topics. Many posts run a bit short on depth but provide ample links to learn more. The green living content goes much deeper than the vapid “Hey, you should recycle that water bottle” content found elsewhere.

Sample post: Alter calls out the American Chemistry Council and major consumer brands for promoting the “America Recycles Day” when the bigger issue is not recycling but consumption and waste.

It is my favorite holiday of the year, more comedic than April Fools Day and scarier than Hallowe'en. It is the day when Nestlé Water, Anheuser Busch, Alcoa and Pepsi get together with their friends at the American Chemistry Council to pat you on the head for picking up their shit. They have spent fifty years teaching you how to throw stuff away; now they want to teach you to sort it all into neat little piles for them. ...

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