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Good for: Checking in on environmental stories across the pond.

Written by: Asia environment correspondent Jonathan Watts is a must-read.

It can’t hurt to start on the paper's environmental news page, where you'll find international environmental stories that many U.S. sites will have missed. Did you know that Paul Simonon, former bassist with The Clash, was recently arrested for entering an offshore oil platform during a Greenpeace protest? From there, drill down to one of the site's many green blogs. Damian Carrington, who heads the environment desk, is a good source for British takes on energy issues such as fracking.

Sample post:
Is climate skepticism an Anglo-Saxon phenomenon? This post examines a report that says it is.

During a trip to Italy earlier this year, I asked a local journalist whether climate sceptical views get much of an airing in the Italian media. My query was greeted with an air of slight bemusement, which was followed by a request for me to explain what I meant by the term "climate scepticism." Their facial reaction alone told me that this was something of an alien concept to them.

It supported a hunch I have long believed to carry some substance: climate scepticism is a predominantly Anglo-Saxon phenomenon. Or, rather, it is a phenomenon that tends to gets amplified to a much greater extent in the various English-language media outlets around the world – particularly, in the US, UK and Australia - than it does in other languages or countries.
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