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Discovery News Earth blog    Photo: Courtesy of Discovery News Earth

Good for: Science news through an environmental lens.

Written by: A bevy of brainy reporters with science-heavy CVs.  

Discovery's greenie site, Treehugger, gets lots of clicks, but the DiscoveryNews platform, which includes Earth, Space, Tech, and a few other broad categories, offers more original, deeper reporting. The Earth blog culls findings from a wide range of sources, including academic papers, and puts it into a wider, environmentally linked context. A recent scan revealed a piece on how conservationists are trying to use a tiny diatom to halt destructive gold mining practices.

Sample post: Ever consider the role that whale poop plays in the health of our oceans? This post explains it.

Chances are, you've heard a multitude of arguments against the killing of whales.

It's cruel. It has decimated whale populations. Whale meat is full of pollutants. Continued whaling will prompt preventive measures by 23rd century time travelers.

To which, we may now add another.

The ocean needs whale poop.

It wasn't long ago that researchers first confirmed that whales contributed to ocean ecology even after death, their carcasses landing on the seabed and forming the basis for unique communities known as "whale falls". Now, two whale scientists have found that, as well as seeding the seabed, whales also stimulate biological production at the ocean's surface, thanks to their nutrient-rich feces. ...

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