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Written by: Andrew Revkin, former New York Times reporter.

Summary: Revkin has been covering environmental news, and what he has called "slow drip issues" such as climate change and deforestation, for more than 20 years. He's not Bill McKibben, but he admits to being an advocate. So when the Times cut back its staff in 2010 and moved Revkin's Dot Earth blog to the opinion pages, it seemed a natural progression. But balancing his strong point of view is his interest in conversing with readers and welcoming their feedback, even when it opposes his views.           

Sample link: This post, about a report in which a Berkeley physicist confirms global warming, is pure Revkin steez: a barb lead, lots of links to similar and associated news, multimedia, chunky excerpts and more than 200 reader comments.

Anthony Watts and others who have energized climate skeptics by claiming to poke holes in research showing substantial recent warming have their work cut out for them.

Richard Muller, a noted Berkeley physicist who’s been a strident critic of climate campaigners, has released a much-anticipated new package of studies, along with all of his team’s data and methods, that powerfully challenges one of the prime talking points of pundits and politicians trying to avoid a shift away from fossil fuels.

The assertion has been that the world hasn’t really warmed — just the thermometers — due to expanding asphalt and concrete around cities and other locations housing weather stations. ...

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