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An astute, erudite conversation about the environment, with room for debate

Yale Environment 360

Yale Environment 360    Photo: Courtesy Yale e360

Good for: Deep dives into environmental issues.

Written by: An impressive stable of seasoned environmental writers, scientists, and policy makers.         

Few sites give as equal space to reporting, analysis, and opinion as Yale Environment 360, published by Yale's School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. It can feel a little brainy—you'll want to hit it up after your morning coffee—but it's great fodder for impressive cocktail party banter. And it's not all endless texts and complex debates. Dip into the well of video reports, which cover everything from oyster aquaculture on the Gulf Coast to emerging pollution protests in China.           

Sample post: Photojournalist Peter McBride follows the Colorado River from source to (almost) sea in this compelling video story about water demands.

Photographer Peter McBride traveled along the Colorado River from its source high in the Rocky Mountains to its historic mouth at the Sea of Cortez. In this Yale Environment 360 video, he follows the natural course of the Colorado by raft, on foot, and overhead in a small plane, telling the story of a river whose water is siphoned off at every turn, leaving it high and dry 80 miles from the sea. ...

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