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Nov 29, 2011
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Written By: Veteran cycling journalist Joe Lindsey.

Good For: The bigger stories behind pro cycling's breaking news.

There are very few journalists with Joe Lindsey's knowledge of the peloton. If you follow pro cycling, this should be your main stop for analysis of the latest news. What does Alberto Contador's witness list tell you about his positive test result for clenbuterol? Why is Iran being talked about as a hotbed for new cycling talent? Why should you care whether Mark Cavendish has finally signed with Sky? Lindsey tackles these questions and others in well-reported posts that feature plenty of context—on everything from backroom business deals to rare anecdotes about the athletes.

Sample Post: Lindsey has some fun breaking down the UCI's coming appeal in the Alberto Contador clenbuterol case.

After more delays than a congressional debt panel, the UCI’s appeal of the Alberto Contador case will finally get under way next week in a hearing before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (barring any last-minute postponements, of which there have already been two).

Contador appears to be set to continue his argument that his clenbuterol positive was a case of inadvertent contamination from eating meat from a cow that had been given the drug.

The tactics of WADA, which will argue for a ban, are not entirely known. But a detailed discussion of Contador’s witness list that appeared this weekend in the Spanish daily El Pais gives a hint that he’s not leaving much territory uncovered. ...

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