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Nov 28, 2011
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Rapha Blog

Rapha Blog    Photo: Courtesy of Rapha

Good for: Cyclists who first and foremost consider riding a statement—fashion and otherwise.

Written by: A handful of the Rapha lads.

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of pulling on a merino jersey by Rapha, you may not know just how plush, well made, and gorgeously detailed they are. The thing is, the company does blog posts every bit as good, with soulful stories and odd tidbits about races and events and cyclists. What we like most, however, is the Survey page, which features pro-caliber shots of cyclists with style from around the globe.

Sample post: From The Ticket to Ride, in which the author quotes H.G. Wells en route to waxing lyrical about the etiquette of being a cyclist:

Even if you're not carrying tools or a spare tube at least pretened to offer to stop for a troubled or punctured rider. It's about manners really, and whilst your 11 speed groupset costs most of X amount of wages, the camaraderie and respect you get from showing your ticket costs less than 80psi. ...

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