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Nov 28, 2011
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Bike Snob NYC

Bike Snob NYC    Photo: Courtesy of Bike Snob NYC

Good for: Those who aren't interested in the latest BB standard, believe doping cyclists doth protest too much, and feel that most bike media takes itself too seriously.

Written by: Eben Weiss, ex-bike messenger, one-time publishing agent, and (by his own account) still a terrible amateur racer.

Exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting) stream-of-consciousness rants and critiques of cycling news, culture, and esoterica served with a healthy dose of derision.

Sample post: Midway through a recent post, the Bike Snob took aim (again) at fixie culture videos, which he considers tedious and played-out. (He has a point.)

Speaking of adventure-seekers, can you believe people still make fixed-gear videos? Well, they do, though increasingly you have to go beyond the United States to find them. Here's one that was forwarded to me by a reader in Olso, Norway...

Amazingly, this is merely Part I of a four-video series, and it sets up a number of compelling questions that will presumably be answered in final installment, including:

--Will they keep skidding for no reason?
--Will the guy in the flannel get a cool new hat?

--Will they figure out that this whole Mash-a-frama fad is so dorky it makes this guy on roller-skis look edgy by comparison? ...

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