7. The Inner Ring

An earnest take on racing and gear

Nov 28, 2011
Outside Magazine
The Inner Ring

The Inner Ring    Photo: Courtesy of INRNG

Good for: Anyone seeking not only a fair round-up of news about pro cycling and the bike industry, but also balanced analysis of it that's not influenced by advertising.

Written by: According to the author: "I do the blog anonymously just to help separate cycling from the day job."

From predicting who would win the World Championships (wrong choice, incidentally, of Peter Sagan) to pointing out the inherent self-serving nature of Specialized's new carbon recycling program, INRNG isn't afraid to express some opinion. And for the most part, it's well thought out stuff, as are the reader comments, which seem imminently more intelligent and polite than on many other cycling sites. Great commentary on stories that otherwise might get lost.

Sample post: In "Longo's Escape Loophole," INRNG does a nice job of explaining how the greatest female of all time managed to escape a ban for doping on a technicality stemming from jurisdictional issues between the governing bodies involved.

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