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Nov 28, 2011
Outside Magazine

BikeHacks    Photo: Courtesy of BikeHacks

Good for: Commuters looking to ditch their combustion engine for two wheels and seeking advice on the practicalities of riding for both utility and diversion.

Written by: A trio of cyclists from the coasts, the first who just traded bike commuting in NYC for Boston and the other two who ride daily in Portland ("rain or shine").

Think ReadyMade for the utility bike crowd. Find an easy trick for extending a rear fender (answer: a Gatorade bottle), improve your highway visibility by installing automotive LEDs, and rig up a bike carrier for just about anything (including surfboards and fishing poles). Good, practical tips and tricks for making your life on a bike easier.

Sample post: It's not all just good advice; BikeHacks also have some great anti-car, pro-bike propaganda. "10 Bike Graphics" offers a smart assortment of T-shirts: "Bikes Kill" (complete with machine gun graphic and stats on auto accidents), "BILF" (pictured on an appropriately beddable young lady), and "Behind bars for life" (with accompanying graphic of road handlebars).

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