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Dispatches from an everyday cyclist

Nov 28, 2011
Outside Magazine
Fat Cyclist

Fat Cyclist    Photo: Courtesy of Fat Cyclist

Good for: Anyone who prefers down-to-earth musings and misadventures of an average schmo rider instead of the usual snoot of top riders or journalists.

Written by: Elden Nelson, an average cyclist who captured reader's interest first with humorous posts about weight loss and riding and then with reflections about his late-wife's battle with cancer.

Fat Cyclist won a lot of readers with touching entries full of humor, grace, and honesty when his wife, Susan, was battling cancer. He uses the platform to raise money for LiveStrong and other cancer foundations. Hardly a downer of a read, though, FC lampoons just about everything in the cycling world (himself included).

Sample post: On his review of DZNuts Chamois Cream, Fatty takes aim (in part) at the packaging instructions:

Drop your shorts to your ankles, or remove completely from body. Does anyone else's Fight or Flight reflex kick in when a man with a pornstar mustache and a tube of lubricant instructs you to drop your shorts to your ankles. I'm panicking here. ...

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