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Nov 28, 2011
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Good for: Roadies after more than just another play-by-play race report.

Written by: Weekly posts are supplied by magazine staffers and contributors as well as a steady stream of guest bloggers, most of whom are both avid racers and pretty darn good writers to boot.

Rouleur, the bi-monthly cycling journal, brings more of its incisive prose and big-format imagery to the web with reports and essays that capture a vivid sense of the motivation, thrill, and suffering of racing a bike.

Sample Post: "Viva La Vuelta," by Garmin-Cervélo racer Christian Vande Velde, gives nice insight into the third grand tour of the season.

Ambition is the key word here. There are Spaniards whose likeness will be cast in bronze in their respective villages after any sort of breakaway (doomed or otherwise), stage win or halfway decent performance. There are riders without contracts for the following year killing themselves to get into breaks, others who need to turn around a horrible season. And, of course, the guys trying to prepare for the world championships ... All of this gives the race a unique feeling of opportunity. ...

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