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Nov 28, 2011
Outside Magazine
Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal    Photo: Courtesy of Adventure Journal

Good for: Those interested in another sort of bike porn: a bike worth ogling every single day.

Written by: Bike magazine founding editor Steve Casimiro and a cadre of other big names in the outdoors.

Adventure Journal covers all manner of outdoor topics, from skiing and surfing down to environmental issues. But our favorite feature of the site is The Daily Bike, which features anything from hard-to-find custom track bikes to historic shots (think Audrey Hepburn aboard her Schwinn). Good eye candy, often with a nice vignette go along with it.

Sample post: From The Daily Bike, July 11, 2011.

The idea is bloody genius. Public bike workstations aren't completely uncommon, but stations that are attended by a vending machine filled with bike parts, tubes, patch kits, energy bars, and drinks? There's only one. ...

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