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Red Kite Prayer

Red Kite Prayer    Photo: Courtesy of Red Kite Prayer

Good for: Anyone after commentary and analysis of the best in the bike world—minus sarcasm.

Written by: A cozy group of bike industry insiders, ex-racers, and cycling journalists. RKP just added Charles Pelkey, whose popular The Explainer column was a recent casualty of the staffing musical chairs at Velonews.

Essays, reviews, and training advice focused on the positive things in the sport. "There are plenty of haters and cycling has more than enough to comment on that is worthwhile and upbeat," writes RKP founder Padraig.

Sample post: "By Accident," longtime contributor Robot's poignant meditation on a run-in with a motorist.

I got hit by a car and learned how large my ego had become, learned that, more than anything, I was in my own way, and that the best way to get where I wanted to go, i.e. everywhere, was to let myself be small and let the world be big. ...

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