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Good for: Bike geeks and tech nerds.

Written by: Tyler Benedict, a gear head with a fascination for shiny objects, and nine other contributors from diverse backgrounds.

Launched in 2008, Bikerumor covers bikes, gear, and tech quickly and in depth. It’s written for the cycling-gear obsessed as well as anyone who appreciates pretty bikes and neat components. Product announcements, tests of sexy new rides, related gear reviews, a pic of the day, and interviews with industry bigwigs all appear in photo-heavy, short, easy-to-read posts packed with humor—and, best of all, no bike snobby attitude.

Sample post: A review for the cycling geek in you: Bikerumor's take on Victoire Cycle's high-end fixed gear hubs, cogs and parts, made in France.

Victoire Cycles is a relatively fresh brand from Clermont-Ferrand, France, that is focusing on high end hubs, cogs and parts for fixie and urban style bikes, including a nod to bicycle polo with a very trick stem.

The parts are all manufactured near their offices then hand polished before anodization and laser etching. We could go on, but the note directly from them posted after the break lays it out quite nicely… The Victoire Cycles 2012 range flagship is a high flange hubset that only weighs 470gr (205gr front and 265gr rear) with titanium bolts, stainless steel washers, 7075-T6 alloy spacers and hard anodized lockring (9gr). The rear hub receive a specific splined interface that fix the cog into the body. This interface eliminate all the loosened cog problems, keeping it safely fixed into the hub body. This also allows a fast removal to easily change your ratio. The cogs are machined into 7075-T6 alloy to keep the weight down, polished by hand to make them smoother and finally hard anodized to make them last forever. ...

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