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Ski reviews for the fixed-heel set

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Good for: Backcountry skiers, especially those with a fixed heel.

Written by: Opinionated mountaineer, skier, rock and ice pioneer, guide book author, and Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Famer Louis Dawson and a small crew of contributors.

Dawson and his team are legit backcountry skiers who test every piece of gear and give clear and uncensored feedback, actively engaging with their readers. Dawson is not afraid to tinker to make a piece of gear work, and he shares the why and the how, with enough background detail to help his readers evaluate how it pertains to them. While Dawson and company review everything from apparel to skis to climbing skins to backpacks, mostly they geek out over alpine touring gear, especially Dynafit and Dynafit-inspired bindings and compatible boots.

Sample Post: Who else would review a skin trimmer? If you've always had a hankering to custom fit your own skins, this review is for you. 

 climbing skin trimmers do work, but this stellar example of industrial design takes all. Gecko cutter (GUTT, Gecko Ultimate Trim Tool) has replaceable blade; flexible tangs hold the edge of the skin down while you cut; even looks nice in your Audi center console.

Gecko climbing skin cutter can be configured for right or left handers. Blade safely hidden to avoid flaying yourself. I got as good or better skin trims than with other methods, had a bit of trouble keeping the cut as far back from the edge as possible since the trim action is somewhat hidden from sight. A bit of practice should make that a non-issue. One has to wonder if this is some sort of adaptation of an upholstery or textile tool. Whatever, it works. Wildsnow.com recommended tool. Christmas gift for the skier who has it all? ...

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