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The largest action-sports website offers some of the best gear reviews

Nov 30, 2011
Outside Magazine

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Good for: Anything and everything bike.

Written by: Canadian Mike Levy, head of product reviews, and Californian Richard Cunningham, founder of Mantis bikes, MTB Hall of Famer, and bike industry icon.

The largest action-sports website period, Pinkbike will hit one billion page views this year. Their gear posts turn into chat rooms—often there are 90-plus comments per post from one of the most educated and enthusiastic audiences on the web. It’s just not limited to gear, of course. Depending on the day, you’ll find video tutorials about how to remove and install a cassette, event coverage, trailers from upcoming bike movies, and user-generated posts about trail-making trips to places like Retallack, British Columbia. It’s also home to the most impressive list of bike shops in the world and a remarkably robust, and easily searchable, used gear forum.

Sample post: Giving you the backstory on cycling design, Pinkbike offers up this great first look at the Tomac Supermatic 120.

In development for two years, Tomac has just released their Supermatic 120. The bike is designed to be an all out trail bike that not only tackles burly terrain when going down, but gets you to the top faster than a Spanish roadie with an IV bag for a CamelBak. Devised by Joel Smith, with development help from John Tomac, the Supermatic is not a plodding All-Mountain rig or a confused trail bike with raked out geometry, but a sharp handling trail bike that wants to go fast and faster - which is what you would expect given the bike's parents. John Tomac, a legend in the sport, was always a top competitor in both Downhill and Cross-Country at the highest level of competition, and is still fast enough to give the fastest pros fits. Joel Smith, owner of the Tomac brand, is out there right on John's rear wheel. Most everyone involved in the business is in it for the love of the game, but few can throw the hammer down like Joel. Somehow, I don't see these two coming up with a bike that works best when ridden slowly. ...

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