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Good for: Highly browsable reviews.

Written by: A group of experienced and avid outdoors people, including several editors and former editors of some of the best specialist outdoor magazines, including this one.

Dedicated to providing readers professional, objective, and helpful advice on buying and using gear, Gear Institute houses in-depth reviews and an impressive industry news board that includes product announcements. While the site is relatively new (founded in the fall of 2011), the quality and quantity of reviews is impressive.

Sample post: When it comes to being avy savvy, you don't want just anybody's recommendation as to which transceiver to buy. Gear Institute's thorough review of the Barryvox Pulse is advice we'll take.

The Pulse doesn’t just up the ante from two to three antennas, but four. However, truth be told the value of this fourth antenna is as obvious as an appendix. To even mention the availability of this perhaps detracts from the value of the Pulse. The fourth antenna does nothing to help you find a victim, it only exists to transmit motion information in the extremely rare event that you are searching for multiple victims in an avalanche, locate more than three quickly, and need to decide who to dig for last ('cuz one has no pulse and the others do).

Yeah, TMI! In that situation it may matter, but are you really going to be thinking that rationally then? I'm afraid it will just confuse an already soul-racking experience. If you must know about this feature, read the manual.

Now that we have the pulse feature of the Pulse discarded from the conversation we can focus on what Barryvox's Pulse does well, which is find buried beacons with alacrity—fast and easy. ...

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