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Nov 30, 2011
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Adventure Journal

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Good for: Reviews of core gear, heavily-curated product previews.

Written by: Steve Casimiro, former editor of Powder and founding editor of Bike, and Michael Frank, former Forbes automobile columnist and editor at Mountain Bike.

Casimiro has honed a look, feel, and tone over decades of editing various magazines that is as fresh and compelling as it is informative and authoritative. In other words, he knows his shit, and he’s not afraid to call B.S. on over-hyped products. Though the site includes fewer reviews than others on our list, the quality is, like the rest of the pieces on the site, top-notch. The site covers just about everything, but the authors are especially fond of bike, surf, ski, and photo gear.

Sample Post: A tester review of the Garmont Radium Thermo Alpine Touring ski boot that gets quickly to the heart of the issue.

Comfort. It's a foreign concept to too many ski boot brands. But apparently not to Garmont, whose Radium Thermo AT is the most comfortable boot I skied in last season. In fact it was so good that most of the time I totally forgot I was wearing ski boots, and you know that that level of fit is just about unheard of.

I credit the wider toe box and the softer-than-usual foam used for the liner. Also, the plastic shell of the boot overlaps in front of the shin from both the left and right — and then a hard fin of plastic scoops in front to protect your lower leg from the fatigue of constant pressure. ...

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