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Good for: Head to head comparisons of camping, backpacking, and climbing gear.

Written by: Chris McNamara, who has climbed El Capitan more than 70 times, holds nine big wall speed-climbing records, and is the cofounder of the popular climbing website, Supertopo.com.

McNamara and company beat the b’jeezu out of gear by employing lab tests and field tests. Multiple testers take products out in the field, often for months at a time, divulge all testing criteria, and rate items in multiple categories. Not enough for you? They also have video reviews.

Sample Post: Considering both sides of the solid Black Diamond Huey, Outdoor Gear Lab give us enough information to make the final call.

The Huey Duffel by Black Diamond is the toughest duffel in this review. It is also the most weather-resistant model we tested, making it a great option for extended expeditions, long-term travel or storage use. It is one of the nicer duffels to drag around by any of its options – backpack style, briefcase style or grabbing the end loops and dragging it on the ground. Its biggest disadvantage is the fact that it is nearly heaviest duffel in this review, with only the Mountain Hardwear Expedition Duffel being heavier, and is a little harder to zip shut than others. So if you are looking to save weight you might want look somewhere else. But if you are looking for one of the burliest duffels you can buy, then look no further than the Black Diamond Huey. ...

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