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Nov 29, 2011
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Good for: Media reviews and adventure news from local papers

Written by: Wend staff and ambassadors

While Wend posts often don’t include the context or reporting of other sites on this list, they find videos, pictures, and local stories that others miss. Posts include quick hits on breaking news, like a two paragraph summary about the death of skier Jamie Pierre, and guest entries, like this one from The Joy Trip Project about the Bernadette McDonald book Freedom Climbers. The iWend section of the blog includes a place where the magazine's ambassadors and readers can share their adventures.

Sample post:

Half-Naked, Potentially-High Climber Rescued in Boulder

When officials received a call at 12:35pm on Friday from a climber requiring assistance on First Flatiron in Boulder, Colorado, saying his friend was “not acting right,” they likely didn’t expect the friend to be half-naked and likely high on mushrooms.

Emergency crews were able to retrieve and treat the nearly nude climber and he has since been released from Boulder Community Hospital. He does, however, face potential drug charges if he is found to have been under the influence of mushrooms—which officials found on the climber who called the rescue in.

In addition, deputies say one of the climbers may have bitten a civilian during the rescue, though whether or not this is true remains unclear.

[Via: Colorado Daily]

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