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Casting a wide net over the world of extreme sports

Nov 29, 2011
Outside Magazine
Grind TV

Grind TV    Photo: Screenshot from Grind TV

Good for: Viral videos.

Written by: Pete Thomas, Tom Morin, and crew.

Some of the videos you might find on the GrindTV blog in the course of a week include a SUPer surfing the waves behind a steamboat on the Columbia river, a Jack Russell terrier chasing a mountainbiker over singletrack, or surfer Nathan Fletcher breaking down his Teahupoo wipeout. The GrindTV team puts up more random adventure videos than any other blog on this list, and adds a paragraph of context for most. This is less a place to find your news fix and more a place to discover the next great video to share on facebook.

Sample post:

Lily the bike-chasing dog shows remarkable talents in popular video

Like many dogs, Lily the Jack Russell terrier likes to chase bicycles, but those who watch the accompanying video might agree that few dogs can chase a bike quite like the amazingly fast Lily (the action begins 1:08 into the production).

Professional photographer Ross Downard used several cameras and, with the help of his wife, filmed the buildup to the action and then captures Lily keeping pace with and soaring over the same jumps as Downard as he sped down a one-mile course at Trailside Bike Park in Park City, Utah.

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