The Top 10 Climbing Blogs

The best sites for bouldering news, beginner-friendly advice, and longform adventure journalism

High Places, Splitter Choss, PlanetMountain

High Places, Splitter Choss, PlanetMountain    Photo: Screenshots

With a glut of new sites dedicated to everything from bouldering films to alpine expeditions, staying current on climbing is an El Cap-sized endeavor. To help simplify your time online, we picked ten blogs that feature informative writing about climbing and its culture. As with any definitive list, some worthy candidates got cut. Two sites worth checking out are JStar in Orbit, the personal blog of sport climber Jonathan Siegrist, and Alpinist's Newswire, which is less of a blog and more of a thoroughly researched news site. Because we focused on rock climbing, you won't find big-mountain climbers like Alan Arnette on the list, either. The blogs below vary widely, so there's something for climbers of every discipline and skill level.

10. Splitter Choss
9. Sonnie Trotter
8. Bishop Bouldering Blog
7. Climberism
6. Dead Point Magazine
5. UK Climbing
4. PlanetMountain
3. High Places
2. Evening Sends
1. Climbing Narc

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