10. Splitter Choss

Road trip inspiration from around the West

Dec 1, 2011
Outside Magazine
Splitter Choss

Splitter Choss    Photo: Screenshot

Good for: Beta on trad climbing areas.

Written by: Carbondale, Colorado-based climber and desert rat BJ Sbarra.

Splitter Choss is less about climbing news than it is about the lifestyle of the sport. Sbarra’s posts on seemingly mundane topics—what your choice of climbing forum says about you, why buying rock shoes is such a hassle—are consistently among the most popular on the site. Detailed write-ups on low-profile crags like Monitor Rock are enough to make even the most jaded desk jockeys want to hit the road.

Sample post: In this "Crag of the Month" write-up, a semi-regular feature on the site, Sbarra explains why Moab's Wall Street crags—mediocre by the area's standards—get so many visitors.

"There is a place near Moab, Utah, where the rock is not good, the road is six inches away and the smell of urine assaults your nostrils on warm sunny days. Somehow, though, this is one of the most popular crags in Moab. Just goes to show, if you build it, they will come. So what is it with Wall Street, and why is it so popular despite all its shortcomings?

For starters, it gets sun first thing in the morning. While other cliffs are still shaking off the previous night’s cold, Wall Street offers warm stone. And aside from the highway, which offers the chance to see just how close you can stand to a speeding semi, the setting is actually quite scenic. The Colorado River sits just a few yards away, and the towering orange cliffs glow in the sun." ...

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