7. Climberism

News and notes from the oft-neglected Northeast

Dec 1, 2011
Outside Magazine

Good for: Climbers in the Northeast.

Written by: Burlington, Vermont-based climber David Crothers.

Since its first issue came out last year, Climberism has grown from an obscure online zine to a hub for news about the climbing scene on the northern half of the East Coast. Besides reporting on significant ascents and competitions from the Adirondacks up to Quebec and the Maritimes, Crothers, who runs Climberism’s blog almost single-handedly, also keeps track of northeastern climbers’ adventures away from home.

Sample post: When a visiting climber took a 100-foot fall from New Hampshire's Cathedral Ledge, Climberism picked up a gripping story ignored by other blogs.

"Hans Bauer and climbing partner Max Lurie made the trip to Cathedral for a day of aid climbing the Prow, a classic route that ascends the prominent Prow Buttress...The day Bauer and Lurie were making their ascent, they were climbing well and everything was going smooth. Lurie had just climbed the crux pitch and Bauer was to ascend the rope, cleaning gear as he went. Unfortunately, Bauer was dehydrated and dropped his ascender...he then had to rely on another device he was unfamiliar with. Believing the device was setup properly he untied from his anchor with approximately 50 feet of slack in the line and down he went. The device he had rigged ultimately created a small amount of friction on the rope slowing his fall but nearly severing it in the process. Slamming into the slabs below, Bauer came to a stop and felt good enough to ascend the rope to the anchor above."...

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