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Cutting-edge ascents and interviews from the Continent

Dec 1, 2011
Outside Magazine

Good for: Climbing and mountaineering news from around Europe; interviews with famous athletes

Written by: An Italy-based team under Editors Vinicio Stefanello, Nicholas Hobley, and Nicola Tremolada

PlanetMountain is to continental Europe what UK Climbing is to Britain. The site tends to focus on multi-pitch rock and alpine climbs, particularly from the Italian Dolomites, but also reports on hard sport ascents and international expeditions. The editors’ ability to nab interviews with famous climbers right after high-profile ascents, such as Chris Sharma’s FA of First Round, First Minute, his two-year project in Margalef, Spain, is uncanny. Yes, some of the site’s writers aren’t native English speakers, and the occasional awkward sentence makes it hard to understand what happened.

Sample post: The day after Adam Ondra made the first repeat of Bernabe Fernandez's controversial line Chilam Balam in Spain, the team posted an interview with Ondra. In the introduction, PlanetMountain explained why many people doubted that Fernandez had ever climbed the route.

"It would be nice to just celebrate Ondra's repeat and, consequently Fernandez's first ascent, but this would be ignoring the obvious, namely the history of the line which is shrouded in mystery. Because, rightly or wrongly, Chilam Balam has been hotly contested right from the outset because of its grade—9b+ [5.15c] represented a quantum leap forward on almost all other existing routes in 2003—and because of other important details, such as Fernandez's previous track record which, despite being impressive, didn't suggest this be possible." ...

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