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Climbers' most pressing questions answered by an expert

Dec 1, 2011
Outside Magazine

Good for: Advice from a master climber and vegan baking tips

Written by: Pro climber Steph Davis

Most pros’ blogs read like scribbled diary entries. Davis, a Moab-based climber and jumper with a master’s degree in English Literature from Colorado State University, is an exception. Besides chronicling her adventures, Davis answers reader’s questions on subjects ranging from how to overcome a fear of heights to the best way to shower while living out of a truck. Bonus: Davis, a committed vegan baker, shares her favorite recipes on the site.

Sample post: In this response to a reader who wrote about her fear of beginning to lead, Davis goes back to her own beginnings as a climber.

"I first started climbing at Carderock in Maryland. The good thing about it was that everything was a toprope–in fact, I didn’t even know there were other kinds of climbing yet! So after about a year, I started traveling to other places, and even discovered that there was a thing called lead climbing, and that you could do it with gear or bolts. So I could climb pretty well by the time I started learning how to lead climb, and it was pretty difficult to go from toproping 5.11 to being terrified on 5.9s...I remember taking a trip to Devil’s Tower, and suddenly having things all come together. I was leading up thin finger cracks, placing bomber nuts, and feeling like I was suddenly free of fear."...

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