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Dec 1, 2011
Outside Magazine

Good for: Being the only climbing blog you check

Written by: Wisconsin-based climber Brian Runnells

While Climbing Narc occasionally features original reviews and event coverage, it really stands out as the Internet’s best curator of climbing news. Every day, Runnells picks the most notable one or two ascents, comps, or interviews floating around the scene's innumerable blogs and summarizes them, like a rock-centric version of The Daily Beast’s cheat sheet. The news is divided fairly evenly between bouldering, sport, and trad ascents, and the writing is clear and concise. In the often-fragmented world of climbing, it’s as close to a one-stop shop as there is

Sample post: When Chris Sharma knocked off two 5.15's in a single day this May, the Narc jumped on the story.

"Since turning 30 a few weeks back do you think Chris Sharma spends his free time watching the Climbing After 30 series to keep his motivation up??  Whatever he’s doing is working because yesterday Sharma managed to fire off two 5.15s at Oliana with one of them being a first ascent.

Writing on her blog, Daila Ojeda describes how Sharma warmed up by trying a likely 5.15 project that combines Papichulo and Pachamama.  From there he tried to repeat Chaxiraxi, the 5.15b first done by Adam Ondra a few weeks ago, only to fall on 'the last move of the boulder problem.''"...

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