The Top 10 Running Blogs

A collection of the web's best running blogs, from journalists, fans, and runners,, Science of Sport,,, Science of Sport,    Photo: Courtesy of,, Science of Sport,

What is there to write about running? As it turns out, quite a bit—so much that easily half a dozen excellent blogs didn't make this list. The aim here was to reach as many corners of the running blogosphere as possible, which meant leaving out plenty of athlete blogs, a first-rate exercise-science blog, and more blogs than we can keep track of about the competitive side of the sport. And that's not even counting Alex Hutchinson's Sweat Science blog or Pete Larson's Runblogger—certainly two of the finest running blogs around—which made our list of best fitness blogs instead. If you enjoy running anywhere as much as we do, these 10 blogs should keep your RSS feed humming well into the new year.

10. Running Technique Tips
9. Track Focus
8. Nate Jenkins's Training Log
7. iRunFar
6. Coach Jay Johnson
5. Japan Running News
4. Runner's World Daily
3. Track & Field Superfan
2. Peak Performance
1. Science of Sport

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