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Dec 1, 2011
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Running Technique Tips

Running Technique Tips    Photo: Courtesy of Running Technique Tips

Good for: Running-form advice and coaching tips.

Written by: Brian Martin, author and coach from Australia.

The title Brian Martin gave his blog—Running Technique Tips—doesn’t quite do it justice. While form is a major topic, Martin also covers strength training, reviews shoes, and gives coaching advice. Last month, for example, he posted a detailed analysis of a top coach’s strength routine, wrote about foam rollers, and reviewed Nike’s Free 3.0. 

Sample post: Martin explains why regularly changing up your strength routine may yield better results.

Imagine turning up to training and having new exercises thrown at you day-in day-out, your body is going to be always on a steep and continuous learning curve that maximizes this potential for rapid neurological strength adaptations. Every time you get a new running related exercise you are improving your posture, stability, muscle activation patterns etc in slightly different ways. This all adds up to better running coordination and strength development over time – provided that the exercises are at least in some way identifiable with or related to running. …

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