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Dec 1, 2011
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Track Focus

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Good for: Quick hits on distance running news.

Written by: Doug Binder, former track writer for the Portland Oregonian, and Jim McDannald, coach at McGill University.

Blinder’s contacts from his years at the Oregonian make this blog a top choice for news out of Oregon. If that sounds a little narrow for your tastes, remember that three of the country’s leading pro training groups, one of the country’s top collegiate programs, and the world’s biggest shoe company are all based in Eugene or Portland. Binder and McDannald are often the first to hear of big news, and their commentary if usually right on the mark. (McDannald's recent decision chart on miler Matt Centrowitz's post-college options is pitch perfect.) The site provides aggregation with links to major stories, plus occasional original reporting focused on the sport’s major players.

Sample post: Binder reports that American record holder Alan Webb would miss the U.S. championships in June.

U.S. mile record-holder Alan Webb told me today in an email Monday that he is not going to run in Eugene next week.

Apparently, an injury setback interrupted his training.

Here is what he wrote:

“I will not be running at (U.S.) championships. I strained a muscle in my shin that I couldn’t seem to get right. It is much improved now but have had to take a little break.”

A potentially loaded 1,500 meters suddenly appears to have some wiggle room for a young up-and-comer. Could NCAA champion Matthew Centrowitz step into the mix for a U.S. team berth?...

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