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Dec 1, 2011
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Good for: “Running-related nonsense—some of it useful.”

Written by: RunnersWorld.com executive editor Mark Remy.

Ever met an over-serious runner? Remy has, and he’s been gently poking fun at the sport’s more absurd aspects for years. His blog is a collection of off-beat and occasionally heartwarming stories about running, with a good dose of self-deprecation. (In a recurring series, Remy posts horribly unflattering pictures of himself mid-race.)

Sample post: To his delight, a reader points Remy to a running escort service.

Today's amazing-but-true news item comes to us via reader Janet Rosenthal, who stumbled across the following headline via something called "The Face Book":

Creepy Service Lets Customers Hire Hot Chicks to Go Running With Them

Like a puppy handed a comically large rawhide bone, when I saw this headline I got so bouncy and excited I didn't know where to start first.

So. First things first. The context:

This headline is from Jezebel.com, which I gather is a saucy, sassy web site aimed at readers who lack a Y chromosome. It seems fun.

Second, the gist of the story. From the article: …

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(Disclosure: Remy was my boss when I worked at Runner’s World.)

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