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Dec 1, 2011
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Track & Field Superfan

Track & Field Superfan    Photo: Courtesy of Track & Field Superfan

Good for: Hard-core fans.

Written by: Jesse Squire, track fan. 

If you're into competitive running, Jesse Squire's Track & Field Superfan is essential reading. You'll find race recaps, news aggregation, and even mini essays on arcana like whether Toledo could host the NCAA cross country championships. His coverage of the sport is comprehensive, and his analysis is always well written and insightful.

Sample post: Every so often Squires puts together a gem of a post, like this one, on how recent criticisms of amateurism rules in the NCAA could destroy minor sports like track:

Take a step back from the world of college sports and look at some ordinary middle class parents with ordinary middle class kids who are looking at the extraordinary costs of a college education, which has doubled every nine years of the last few decades while middle-class income has stayed flat. Many of them look at high school athletes who have signed for a college scholarship as if they had won they lottery.

Sportswriters, of course, spend more time talking to coaches than the academics that make the whole place function. They only cover the star athletes on profit-making football and basketball teams instead the rank-and-file swimmers, runners and soccer players. Their world is the athletes that are underpaid. As track fans, our world is those who are overpaid. Any track person who even gets meal money on a road trip is a net drain on the athletic department and is overpaid. Period. Track does not make more than it spends…

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